One Page Wellness
By Steve Maggioncalda
updated 7aug15

I am not a doctor but this One Page changed my life.
At 47 years old, I lost 50 lbs in less than 3 months, my complextion cleared, my energy level doubled and I am much happier.
My cholesterol levels went from 120/63 to 89/83 (LDL/HDL).
Try this One Page. Commit to yourself before committing to diets & trainers & nutritionists & gyms.

Always consult your qualified personal health care provider before making any dietary or exercise changes!

Remove all obstacles.
I exercise in the early morning. My only goal when the alarm sounds: Walk to the kitchen. Once there, if I want to go back to sleep, I'm allowed. I never have.
Create a plan wherein you don't deprive yourself. You're building a new you. Forever. Make it feel good.

Don't go on a diet. Change your diet.
Your hunger feeling may be thirst. Try that first.
Stay hungry. Good to always have a little hunger feeling. It keeps your metabolism fired up.
Strive to eat things with one ingredient.
PEE CLEAR! Proper hydration is necessary for any of this to work properly!

Get a heart rate monitor.
Spend 6 hours a week at 75% of your max heart rate. You'll be very surprised at how low 75% is. You'll find yourself needing to slow down.
--- (max heart rate calc varies. Try here.)
3 - two-hour bike rides was all the exercise I did to lose the weight. Mon, Wed, Fri
Be as active as you can --especially after exercise. Stay on your feet. Standing desk if you can.

Food list:
- Eggs (yolk too)
- Chicken, pork, beef
- Salmon, snapper
- Apples, pears, papayas, bananas
--- (Banana/Egg pancake - 1 banana and 2 eggs. mash well and mix. perfect batter.)
- Blueberries, blackberries
- Strawberries: the greatest dessert. My temporary "replacement" for sweets
- Dates: another great dessert. Has a great "desserty" texture
- Avocado, tomato, zucchini, asparagus
- Plain yogurt (suggest: Straus)
- Tap water, coconut water
- Organic nuts: almonds, walnuts, cashews - Apparently, nuts REALLY soak in and store everything in the soil so organic is important with nuts.
- Bread replacement: organic, GF corn tortillas (suggest: Sonoma Tortillas or Mi Rancho)
- Pasta replacement: quinoa, zucchini noodles (suggest: Veggetti)
- Almond butter.
- Real Butter
- Ghee
- Oil: olive & coconut - your body needs oil.
- Honey
- Whole grain oatmeal
- Black beans, green beans, peas, corn
- Kale, romain, etc.
--- Let the moisture of your veggies be the dressing
- Beef jerky (suggest: Oberto 100% natural)
- Avoid consuming alcohol while losing weight. But if you indulge, stick with these: Vodka (Titos), Tequila (Herradura), Sake. The three most "metabolizable" alcoholic drinks. If stuck in a beer/wine establishment: Cider

- Your liver processes everything you ingest. Make the process easier by eating simple food.
- Build an efficient metabolism. You don't want food to sit and wait in line to be processed. While waiting, it turns to FAT.
- An efficient metabolism is much more effective than calorie counting.
- Your liver loves to work. Don't let it rest. EAT! Just don't confuse it with complex foods. Eat 100% natural.
- Eat out. It makes you happy. But do so smartly.
- Avoid packaged goods.
- I wasn't necessarily a believer in "Organic." I am now, for some foods. Organic = won't confuse my liver. Of course organic doesn't always mean healthy
- Rather than paying for a diet or hiring a nutritionist, put the money towards good food. Treat yourself.
- Get a standing desk at work & home

My to-do list
- Yoga
- Swimming
- Weight training